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Creedible is now HartfordFAVS

It’s been a long time coming and finally it’s here. Creedible is now HartfordFAVS, as in Hartford Faith and Values. The full site is expected to launch in August, but I encourage you to like the site’s new Facebook page here.


Creedible offers web design, social media marketing services

Your place of worship is looking for new members. And since half of the world's population is under 30 years old, it makes sense that that's the age group you're looking for.

Traditional marketing practices don't work anymore. Newspapers and phone books are old news. Today you meet your audience via the Web. That means you need a website, a facebook page, a youtube channel an online photo gallery and so much more. It's overwhelming. But Creedible can help.

We have a small team of web design and social media marketing experts that can help your church, synagogue, mosque or other organization have a web presence. Through our multimedia, web design and social media marketing training, we can help you advance in the digital age.

We offer four different packages for you to choose from, and also have an a la carte menu, in case you only need a few things for your site.

E-mail or for information.

20% off Creedible holiday ads

Diwali begins Nov. 5. Eid-Ul-Adha is Nov. 17. Hanukkah begins Dec. 2. And if you’ve been to Wal-Mart lately, you know Christmas is also right around the corner.

This year, don’t advertise in the newspaper. Your ad will go to the bottom of the recycling bin. Advertise online. Creedible is offering holiday discounts, 20 percent off all holiday ads. That means you can get an ad designed, an ad that links directly to your organization’s website, for less than $100.

You can buy our top right ad space (see the Holy Family ad) for November and December at $80. You can buy our banner ad for two months at $120. Or you can purchase our bottom right ad for $64 to run from November through December.

Not a bad deal right? And with our traffic increasing, you’re sure to reach people looking for a place to worship this holiday season.

E-mail for more information.

Creedible now offers web design services

Creedible has been live for almost eight months now, and I’ve been astonished at how many religious organizations don’t have Web sites. Upon further research I noticed that only 43 percent of Christian churches have Web sites in the U.S. (that’s a Hartford Seminary stat). No wonder church membership is dwindling.

In this economy it’s tough to find the funds to hire someone to create and build your site. But your organization not having a web presence is like Florida not having sunshine. By having a Web site your place of worship can reach a younger audience, can reach a broader audience, can better market itself and can really expand your ministry.

Nationally, 87 percent of adults under 55 years old are labeled “online users.” In Connecticut, that means 1,917,694 use the Internet on a daily basis. Now see why you need to be on the web?

With a Web site, your organization suddenly becomes real to the Google gods. You can broadcast your sermons or meetings online. People can donate to your organization from their home computer. The benefits are endless really.

So, why am I telling you all this? Shameless self promotion really. Creedible needs more income and I have a background in web design. I built this site from the ground up. I also built this Haiti page, and I built this page for a local deejay. So, if you want to support Connecticut’s religion beat, consider letting Creedible build you a site. It’s affordable, fast and who knows what a religious organization needs better than a religious publication?

Call or e-mail me and we can talk about getting you online. Oh – and once your online, I can add you to our online worship directory (which, I admit, is still a work in progress…). I can be reached at or at (203) 278-4214.

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Why should you donate to Creedible?

Because you can help save the religion beat! Newspapers have been shrinking and the faith section is too often the first to go. This site was created by Tracy Simmons, a professional religion reporter, who used her own money to get the site up and going. She felt the religion beat was too important to disappear and is currently the only full time religion reporter in the state of Connecticut.

Your donations, no matter the size, have a significant impact on Creedible. Every penny earned goes toward improving the site, marketing and equipment. If you like this site, and you feel the religion beat is vital to journalism, please help. You’ll be surprised how much even $5 here and there can make a difference.

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Story suggestions

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