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Creedible offers web design, social media marketing services

Your place of worship is looking for new members. And since half of the world's population is under 30 years old, it makes sense that that's the age group you're looking for.

Traditional marketing practices don't work anymore. Newspapers and phone books are old news. Today you meet your audience via the Web. That means you need a website, a facebook page, a youtube channel an online photo gallery and so much more. It's overwhelming. But Creedible can help.

We have a small team of web design and social media marketing experts that can help your church, synagogue, mosque or other organization have a web presence. Through our multimedia, web design and social media marketing training, we can help you advance in the digital age.

We offer four different packages for you to choose from, and also have an a la carte menu, in case you only need a few things for your site.

E-mail or for information.