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FaithCare makes global impact

Rev. Kurt Satherlie speaks about FaithCare/Tracy Simmons - CreedibleHARTFORD – Those who dedicate their time to FaithCare know that spirituality and healthcare go hand-in-hand.

And on Saturday, at the Hartford chapter’s Global Impact 2010 conference and banquet, volunteers and potential volunteers learned just how important free health care is to those who can’t afford such services.

Rev. Kurt Satherlie, ministry director, said anyone who gives of himself is a minister and urged more people to tap into their spiritual gifts.

“We build on what we have here at FaithCare,” he said, “and we need people like you.”

Since 1994 FaithCare, which is a non-profit organization, has been committed to community outreach, educational development and international missions. In 2010 the organization sent medical teams to Haiti and to Nigeria. In the past FaithCare has also worked in Siberia.

In Hartford, on the lower level of South Church of Hartford, the organization offers a free wellness clinic, which is open the first Saturday and the third Wednesday of each month.

Satherlie, pastor of First Church of Hartland, explained that people’s passions and talents are gifts from God and “blessings from the creator.”

During his presentation he showed clips from volunteers who went with FaithCare to Nigeria this year.

“The little you can do is better than doing nothing,” one volunteer said. “None of use chose where we were born, we’re one big family in humanity.”

“Whatever you do to help somebody else, you’ll will feel their graciousness,” Satherlie chimed in.

He said looking at all the world’s hunger and poverty can be overwhelming, but assured the group that one-by-one, they can defeat such problems.

Satherlie’s presentation was one of many volunteer sessions that took place during the conference.  Other topics included nutrition, Haiti and mission work.

The event concluded with a presentation by Rene Godefroy, a motivational speaker who travels the country talking his experience growing up in Haiti.

He said it hit home when FaithCare asked him to be the keynote speaker.

“I felt a sense of connection,” he said. “God took me out (of Haiti) so that I can reach out.”

Godefroy, who flew in from Atlanta for the conference, said that reminding volunteers that they are making a difference is crucial, and added that the small things matter more than one might think. Not everyone, he said, can afford to travel overseas to help.

“You can help pack boxes and part of you goes on the mission. You’ll be there in spirit,” he said.

To get involved with FaithCare call (860) 249-2273.

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Pregnancy center celebrates 25 years

CHESHIRE — For 25 years Hope Pregnancy Center has helped scared women get through their unexpected pregnancies.

The organization originally began as a ministry of Christ Community Church, but has since become it’s own entity. The church provides Hope Pregnancy with a rent-free building at 110 Main St. in Cheshire.

Center Coordinator Abbie Cristo explained that Hope Pregnancy works one-on-one with women – mostly young adults – to offer counseling, parenting classes, educational materials and other information they need to get through their pregnancy. All services are free.

The organization also has a baby store where new moms can come in and get free baby clothes, strollers, car seats, or other donated items.

Client Services Director Corinne Guido said many of the women who use Hope Pregnancy Center have little support at home, so the baby store is a way for them to get items most people would get at a baby shower.

“These girls are looking to be loved,” she said, adding that many of the women who come into the center feel alone and hopeless.

“They just need some extra help,” Cristo added. “I think of it as us being able to help them, to come along side them. They won’t be judged here.”

In 2009 the center served 446 clients and had 716 visits to the center for educational materials. Cristo explained that clients come from all across the state, many coming from New Haven and Waterbury.

With only four full-time staffers, Hope Pregnancy is always looking for volunteers and for donations.

Although Hope Pregnancy has Christian roots, Cristo said people of all faiths are welcome. Those who want to can attend a Bible study at the center.

“We’re respectful of where people are at. We have no agenda,” Guido said.

To make an appointment call (203) 271-2703 or e-mail A 24-hour hotline is also available at 1-800-395-HELP.

On Oct. 21 Hope Pregnancy will host a banquet to celebrate their 25 years.  More information on the banquet will be available soon. For information visit the Hope Pregnancy Center website.

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Creedible wants to feature your company

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