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Slideshow: Connecticut's 'Good Samaritans' work to heal Carrefour


When news flashed across the screen that a monstrous earthquake had devastated Haiti, Dave Desmarais, of Bristol, knew he had to get down there.

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Slideshow: Southbury church to build clinic in Africa

SOUTHBURY – They were waiting to die.

Hopelessness screamed from their frail frames and exhausted faces. Flies swirled around them, eventually settling on their young son. There was no use swatting them away. AIDS would take the boy’s parents any day now, and there was nothing Robert Zuvich could do about it.

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An interfaith Ramadan Fast

MIDDLETOWN – The annual Fast-a-Thon at Wesleyan University will be Nadeem Modan’s legacy.

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Connecticut parishes aid church in Ecuador

Ansonia —Eight Episcopal parishes will join together Saturday evening to celebrate the beginning construction of a new church more than 3,000 miles away. 
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Tour of new Hindu Temple