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Through the millenniums, God as Mother

By Blogger Linda Ross

What are some of your favorite mothering or grandmothering traits?  The first one that comes to my thought is unconditional love.  And considering the Biblical passage, “God is Love”, in this post celebrating Mother’s Day, I thought it might be interesting to trace evidence of God as Mother through the millenniums. The following are only a few examples of many to be found in history.



The earliest record could be in the first book of the Bible, Genesis, written around 2100B.C.  Its first chapter concludes, “God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good.”  Mothers are often their children’s biggest fans, they seem to see them only as precious.  Just try beginning a day considering that God made you very good.  Even take that one enjoyable step further and look for at least a glimmer of that goodness in each person you meet.  Hopefully you may find, as I have, a more satisfying day and a touch of unconditional mothering love.

About 1400, Julian of Norwich wrote “Revelations of Divine Love”.  It is the first text in English that can be identified, with certainty, as the work of a female writer. In her book, Julian spoke of God as “fatherhood, motherhood, lordship… God is as really our Mother as our Father.  And why?  Because a mother’s {love} is the most intimate, willing and dependable of all…”

My last instance is from Mary Baker Eddy, founder of the Christian Science church.  All through her books, articles and letters she refers to the nature of God as a mother as well as a father.  She explains, “To me God is All. He is best understood as Supreme Being, as infinite and conscious Life, as the affectionate Father and Mother of all He creates;”  I have found it particularly helpful to consider what I inherited as a child of this divine Mother and Father – and then express to my children and grandchildren. 


With these thoughts in mind, I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!


Synagogue hosts online auction for Mother’s Day

The Online At Your Service! Auction sponsored by The Emanuel Synagogue of West Hartford is offering a variety of Mother’s Day gifts. This auction only features specialized types of services like cooking lessons in your home by a master chef, voice lessons by a Hartt School teacher, dog training by a credentialed dog trainer, and a tour of the State Capitol by a local Legislator. Go straight to the auction by putting this link into your browser http://www.charityauctionstoday.com/store.php?username=Emanuel_Synagogue, or find it from The Emanuel Synagogue website www.emanuelsynagogue.org.

Online bidding begins April 19 and goes through May 10.  This auction leads up to the May 12 LOL! Comedy Night featuring Joel Chasnoff (joelchasnoff.com). Joel has been the opener for Jon Stewart and Lewis Black, and is author of The Crybaby Brigade. Tickets are $25/in advance, $35/at the door and $40/up-front seating. Desserts, coffee and signature martinis will be served. Purchase tickets to this event from www.emanuelsynagogue.org.

You don’t have to attend Comedy Night to bid on or win auction items. Winners will either pick up their prizes in gift certificate form the evening of May 12, or by some other arrangement made with the auction organizer.