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Video: Simsbury UMC passionate about carillon music


SIMSBURY – With her hands balled into fists, Ellen Dickinson melodiously pressed down on the large wooden keys, sounding the 22 and-a-half ton instrument in the bell tower of Simsbury United Methodist Church.

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Video: Naugatuck Coffee House Spreads Gospel Message

NAUGATUCK – Rob Petro is a heavy metal enthusiast who loves plucking away at his bass almost as much as he loves Jesus.

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Waterbury fundraiser to benefit Haitian families

I met some amazing people while I was in Haiti and have opted to “adopt” five of them. On Saturday, I will be speaking at a fundraiser in Waterbury and a portion of the money raised will go to my five new friends. Let me tell you about them.

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Video: Documentary insists reproductive rights and black genocide go hand-in-hand

The  new documentary, Maafa 21, has gotten lots of attention. And how could it not? It’s message is this – abortion is a tool of eugenics and genocide. That’s sure to turn any one’s head. The organization behind the movie, Georgia Right to Life, began their campaign with $20,000 worth a billboards that read, “Black children are an endangered species.” They created a web site too, called Too Many Aborted, that is designed to portray legal abortion as a plot against the black community.

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Video: UCC ministers are "Boys in Hats"

PLAINVILLE – They describe themselves as two ordained ministers with delusions of musicianhood.

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Video: Earthquake victims honored

STAMFORD – The Rev. Judith Alexis stood in front of a sparse crowd Sunday afternoon, and told them in French and in English, that she too is worried about her family in Haiti.

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Video: King honored at state capital

HARTFORD – Pastors, choirs, community members and politicians from across Connecticut filled the capital building Monday morning to celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., who would have been 81 years old this year.

The 24th Annual National Liberty Bell Celebration, sponsored by the Connecticut Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Commission, drew in one of the event’s largest crowds according to Commission Chairperson Dennis James King.

King told the audience that attending such an event was an opportunity for people to remember who they are, what they stand for, and where they are going.

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Video: Bishop inducts pastor as rector of Danbury church

DANBURY – How fitting that the congregation together sang out a hymn about integrity and love Thursday night when the Rev. Dr. Joseph A. Krasinski was installed as the new rector of Saint James’ Episcopal Church of Danbury.

“Guide us to justice, truth and love,” they crooned. “May swords of hate fall from our hands, our hearts from envy find release.”

Krasinski, an openly gay pastor, who married his husband Jim not too long ago, came to Saint James’ in September, after leading St. Peter’s Trinity Church in Thomaston for 14 years.

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Video: Coast Guard flies over Haiti

When the earth shook Tuesday evening in Haiti, the Rev. Erl “Puck” Purnell felt its tremors in his Simsbury home.

Watching the breaking news, powerless, he knew that thousands of people had just died. Maybe, he said, even a half a million.

Since 1997, maybe longer, his church, Old St. Andrews Episcopal Church in Bloomfield, has supported Ecole le Bon Samaritain, an elementary school in Carrefour, Haiti.

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Book of Eli applauded by Christians

Another post-apocalyptic tale is about to hit theaters. The Book of Eli, starring Denzel Washington is about a a lone man who fights his way across America in order to protect a sacred book that holds the secrets to saving humankind, according to IMDb. So what’s so special about this film? How is it different from The Road and 2012? This story has to do with the Bible and from what I can tell, pastors love it.

According to The Associated Baptist Press, “The movie’s hard edge may give some religious moviegoers pause. Angela Walker, director of producer relations for, wrote that she pondered the movie’s objectionable content for a month after seeing an advance screening before deciding the film’s spiritual themes were redeeming qualities.

“Personally, I want to support filmmakers who explore questions of faith in their films,” she wrote. “For me, choosing to see this film is casting a vote for Hollywood filmmakers to keep making films about faith. It is telling them I will buy tickets to films they create about topics I’m interested in.”

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