Better Sleep – really!

By Blogger Linda Ross

Ever wish you’d had a better night’s sleep? 

Right now there are a number of print and web articles – as well as ads to support them – that target and try to help an apparently large number of people who have trouble falling asleep.

And there are lots of answers out there.  In an online commercial spot shown before a sleep related post could be read, Philadelphia cream cheese was promoted spread on toast – then being nibbled while in pajamas and still in bed.  Cozy and appealing, though not my tried and true method for rest which I’ll share in a moment.

My favorite post so far on the subject has been, “10 surprising things about how animals sleep”.  It chronicles the sleep habits of a number of species.  Many ready themselves for rest in a way that will insure their safety while asleep.  For example, to avoid predators, African Papio baboons sleep on their heels, perched atop trees.  I wonder how many of us share a need to feel peaceful and safe before we doze off?

Since childhood, if having trouble falling asleep, I have found success by pondering the Lord’s PrayerWhen Jesus spoke about how to pray during his only recorded sermon, he counseled prayer after this manner.  It has led me time and time again to a listening consciousness receptive of God’s messages.  I seldom finish the prayer before finding peace and then a restful night.

A passage in the book of Psalms for me is a confirmation that this habit of prayer before sleep has been around for millenniums. “In peace I will both lie down and sleep, for You, Lord, alone make me dwell in safety and confident trust.”

Linda Ross is a Christian Science practitioner living in Connecticut.


2 responses to “Better Sleep – really!

  1. Linda, very reassuring and practical. Thank you!

  2. You’re welcome Sue. I sure enjoyed discovering more about a good night’s sleep!

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