Simsbury Rings – free handbell concert

Contributed Article

Simsbury United Methodist Church (SUMC) will host “Simsbury Rings,” a free handbell concert, on April 29 at 4 p.m.

The event, to be held in the sanctuary of the church located at 799 Hopmeadow St. in Simsbury, will bring together handbell choirs from Simsbury’s First Church of Christ Congregational and SUMC. In addition to adult handbell choirs, the SUMC children’s handbell choir will perform.

Because each bell sounds only one note, it takes a bevy of musicians to ring the full range of bells in proper succession and combination to play a piece of music. Choirs for this event have either three or five octave sets of bells. There are 37 bells in three octaves and 65 bells in five octaves. There are usually 10 to 16 ringers per choir.


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