The future of Creedible

Hello everyone. By now you know that Creedible is in a transition period. I founded Creedible in 2009 and last year sold it to Religion News LLC.

I also work for Religion News now and live in Spokane, WA where I’m editing a site that will eventually become Creedible’s sister site.

Here is a link to the Spokane site, called SpokaneFAVS. This is what Creedible will look like too! Like the Spokane site, Creedible will have lots of local writers, a free community calendar, news articles, multimedia and so much more!

Living in Spokane, I haven’t had much time to dedicate to Creedible, and I apologize for that. But I promise Religion News is seeking a qualified replacement and working hard to rebuild the site, making it as cool as the Spokane site is.

Thank you for your continue patience! While you wait for the new site, I urge you  to check out SpokaneFAVS. You can like us on Facebook here!

– Tracy Simmons


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