The Freedom and Authority of Loving First

By Tobin Hitt

In every relationship God has he makes the first move, a move of love.

It’s no,t “I’ll love you if you do this, or if you have that.” He so loved us first, and past Calvary, no ifs at all.

When we love people first, it’s a sign our hearts are still alive. If we love second, well the love is still a blessing, but it has a pulling teeth quality, a condition or two, and is not nearly as godly as the overflow of loving first. You could say it’s easier to resist the pull of love, than resist the outpouring of it, because godly love wants to makes itself known now, and first.

Loving first is also patient and kind and looks outward beyond the operative principle of me.

If Christians have God’s spirit living in us, then we have the ability to love first, and open our church doors, and not miss the people sent to us. In other words, there’s some godly freedom in our love, a freedom to say Alleluia more, and bark less.

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