Archdiocese Opposes Federal Edict on Health Care Insurance

HARTFORD —  The Archdiocese of Hartford is vigorously opposing the new federal health care insurance legislation, which will require that all employers (with few exceptions) pay for health coverage that covers sterilization, contraception, and medication that induces abortion. Archbishop Henry J. Mansell and Executive Director Michael Culhane of the Connecticut Catholic Public Affairs Conference will address how the federal edict violates our First Amendment right to freedom of religion on a special edition of “In the After Glow” hosted by Rev. John Gatzak on WJMJ/88.9 FM on Feb. 8t at 7 p.m. It will be a call-in show, so listeners are encouraged to participate in the conversation.

According to the archbishop, the federal directive would force Catholic institutions to pay for health insurance on matters that violate their religious principles.  It would impact over 77,000 employees of Catholic Charities across the country, numerous Catholic colleges, universities, hospitals, schools, and the large numbers of employees who work for Catholic Relief Services.

“This development runs clearly in the face of the Bill of Rights, providing in its First Amendment freedom of religion, going all the way back to December 15, 1791,” said Archbishop Mansell. “Never before in the history of the United States has the federal government forced citizens to pay for directly what violates their beliefs,” he continued.

The Archdiocese of Hartford, along with dioceses across the country, is mounting a campaign against this edict, urging people to contact our two U.S. senators and five U.S. Representatives demanding that it be reversed. For information on where to send letters, visit

Mansell has invited all of Connecticut’s legislators to speak with him in person concerning the legislation.

“We must act strongly against this edict. It affects the lifeblood of Catholics and millions more who are not Catholic but whom we serve diligently. The future

of all of us and our country as well is at stake,” he said.



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