Repent Of The Individual Health Insurance Mandate

Guest column by Tobin Hitt

On March 26, and for a few days thereafter, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments against the individual health insurance mandate from 26 states who have risen up against President’s Obama’s landmark legislation, which he signed back in March of 2010.

Twenty six states, and most of the good old U.S.A., sees  this law as a federal takeover of the historic and established health and welfare jurisdiction of the 50 states.

And in a federalist republic states sort of like to hold onto their turf, and to manage stuff at their own speed, and on their own cost curve.

This law, wishfully if not prayerfully known as “The Affordable Care Act” (ACA), had some unintended negative consequences. First, it sealed Washington’s political party gridlock. Second, it has sapped all that our present President has tried to do. And third, it will continue raising the ire of an enervated U.S. populace that never liked the mandate and is now must wait and see if it will be upheld, or courageously thrown out.

Besides, if this novel law is fiscally administered anything like the Defense Department, or the Federal Reserve, or our present federal entitlement programs, or foreign aid, it will be just another federal boondoggle crippling any faint hopes of Washington budgetary restraint.

How did it come about?

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One response to “Repent Of The Individual Health Insurance Mandate

  1. The negative consequence were addressed as fit in this article.

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