Wisdom House to host spirituality and sexuality retreat

LITCHFIELD — Some cultures have created a great divide between sexuality and spirituality. How often have we heard that matter and spirit are distinctly separate?  Yet, sexuality is intrinsic to the divine-human experience.

In this workshop guests will move beyond sexual dualism ( spirit vs. body) and explore the necessary union between the transformative powers of sexuality in our search for the Beloved and the opening to the divine, according to a press release.

From a Jungian and Christian  perspective, we will see that the libido moves us to spiritual transformation.  We will also see both the light and shadow aspects of this journey.

The workshop will be facilitated by Don Bisson, FMS and held at Wisdom House in Litchfield.

For more information or to register, visit www.wisdomhouse.org/program/calendar.html  or call860-567-3163 /

email, programs@wisdomhouse.org .


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