A Pause Brings Clarity and Well Being

By Blogger Linda Ross

Guess the cusp of the next big market trend that children as well as adults are seeking. The answer might surprise you…

“Stillness” is something that is beginning to be generally recognized as essential.  Pico Iyer shares a number of such examples in his recent opinion piece, The Joy of Quiet, for the New York Times.  We live with a developed anxiety of keeping up with 24/7 media and information vehicles (facebook, twitter, etc) – “More ways to communicate with less and less to say.” This has caused people world wide to discover that giving time to quiet or solitude results in more substantial contributions on the job and in relationships as well as better health.

For me, a regular pause of prayer has often found a personal peace that is independent of circumstances.  The clarity this brings has led to a sense of well being and direction for what to do – or write – next.

Linda Ross is a Christian Science Practitioner living in Connecticut.


3 responses to “A Pause Brings Clarity and Well Being

  1. Colette & jeff Read

    Jeff and I agree that a pause of prayer is important It refreshes us during a busy day. The Muslims pray 5 times a day, we can also have a pause of pray each time we start to find the day too busy.
    Colette & Jeff

  2. Well-being is about the way we feel. Our delight, confidence along with physical condition all play a role throughout the way we define our own well-being. Learn the way it is possible to …

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