Spiritual Life Center offers new programs for 2012

The Spiritual Life Center, located in West Hartford, says they are “Walking together with the Spirit” and welcome people of all faiths.  They offer Pathways of Spirituality, a four-semester long program that helps students spirituality and helps ultimately discern what works for them.  They also offer spiritual direction, otherwise known as “spiritual guidance,” basically someone to listen to and help one figure out where they are at with their faith.  The center offers a two-year program, the Spiritual Direction Internship that equips and trains students to be a Spiritual Director.  Also offered are a variety of evening and day programs.

Here are the upcoming January programs:

A Special Group Spiritual Direction Experience
God and the Contemporary Scientific Understanding of the Universe
Starting Jan 9

As we learn more and more about the Universe, we wonder more and more about The One from whom it all emerged.  This “Wondering” is a Gift calling us Deeper and  Deeper.

Join with other searchers for a six session program of group spiritual direction focused on exploring an expanding understandings of who God is. We will begin with viewing the new epic film, “The Journey of the Universe.” Subsequent session will explore “The Powers of the Universe.”

Facilitators: Margaret Galiardi,OP, Lois Happe, and Melina Rudman
When: 5:30-7:30 pm
January 9, February 13, March 12, April 10, May 8, & June 11, 2012

You are welcome to come to one, a few or all.
Please bring a brown bag dinner if you so choose

Where: Spiritual Life Center
Anam Cara Room
303 Tunxis Road
West Hartford, CT 06107

Cost: $20 per session; Entire Series: $100

First Ever Online Course

January Reflections: Winter’s Evening Meditations

This online program is intended to be an invitation for you to deepen your spirituality through contemplation and reflection on how the Divine is present in your life.  The program participants will be offered an opportunity to reflect on Spirit of Gratitude,  A New Creation, and Spirit of Community over three weeks in January and then we will meet as a group at the Spiritual Life Center at the end of  January to share our reflections together.

Here is how this online program will unfold:

1.  For 3 Weeks, starting  Jan. 9, each week a  webpage on a new spiritual topic will be posted on the January Reflections website.   This page will include a brief summary of the topic along with several key questions for personal reflection.  There will also be internet links to videos, music or text readings to deepen your reflection.

2.   After viewing the website as  part of your reflection, each participant is invited to journal his or her thoughts about the subject of the week’s focus.

3.  We will conclude on by gathering as a group  Jan. 30 from 7-9 pm as an opportunity for prayer as well as sharing of  journal writings,  reflections, inspirations and insights with each other.

You will receive access to the January Reflections  website by a password assigned to you by the Spiritual Life Center upon receipt of payment.

Offering for this program is $25-35

Breath by Breath Meditation

Jan 16, 2012

This monthly meditation group will explore how mindfulness practice can enhance our  everyday experience of life. Mindfulness is the art of quieting the mind and living in the present moment by gently cultivating inner  stillness, attention, and compassion for oneself and others. Our gatherings will provide an  opportunity for sitting and     walking meditation in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh, Ekhart Tolle, and Jon Kabat Zinn along with discussion on mindful living. This time of shared contemplative practice can   enhance one’s experience of life no matter one’s religious backgrounds. People from all religious traditions or no religious tradition are warmly welcomed. Co-sponsored by the Holy Family Retreat Center and The Spiritual Life Center.

 Facilitators:  Ellen Graham and Brandon Nappi

When: Third Monday of Every Month
1/16/12, 2/20/12, 3/19/12, 4/16/12, 5/21/12
12:00  pm –1:00 pm*

* If you have not attended previously, please arrive at 11:45 for some helpful hints to better your   meditation experience.

Spiritual Life Center
Anam Cara Room
303 Tunxis Road
West Hartford, Connecticut

Offering:  Your time and energy

New Years Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Give yourself a gift to start the new year off well. This  morning    retreat will   provide you the opportunity to gather yourself and reflect after the holiday season.  In this workshop, we will use gentle  Kripalu yoga and guided meditation to help    focus your mind and spirit on your goals for the new year. In    addition to strengthening the body, yoga and meditation can help relieve stress, improve health and provide a path for deepening your relationship to spirit.  No experience with yoga or meditation is necessary to fully benefit from this nurturing day. Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a yoga or    exercise mat if you have one.

Facilitator:   Nancy Murray
When: Jan 21,
Snow Date: Jan 28
9:00-12:00 pm
Spiritual Life Center
Anam Cara Room
303 Tunxis Road
West Hartford, CT 06107

Offering:  $25-35


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