Pause for Holiday Poise

By Blogger Linda Ross

Funny isn’t it, that the time of year set aside to celebrate God’s love for us and peace – the holiday season – is often marked by frantic,  stress-filled weeks?  In the midst of a day that is over loaded with demands, I’m reminded of a favorite saying of my car’s GPS.  When there’s a wrong turn or heavy traffic it tones, “route recalculation”.  For me that means “thought recalculation” or in other words, I pause to pray.

Prayer tends to orient me as Jesus pointed out, “My Father is always working, and so am I.”  God, good is now present guiding my thought, my responsibilities, my work and everyone’s.  I find the result is often a new found balance and a self possessed calmness which interestingly is the definition of poise.

I just spoke on the phone to a friend about how overwhelming the holiday whirl can become.  She told me she has 8 parties to attend this week and all she wants to do is clean her house.  I told her the title of this column.  Then without taking a breath, mentioned my very full week. We started laughing, both of us feeling brighter.  In fact, I hear a favorite Christmas carol:

“Joy to the world the Lord is come, Let earth receive her King; Let every heart prepare him room, And heaven and nature sing.”

Linda Ross is a Christian Science Practitioner living in Connecticut.


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