A New Road to Health

By Blogger Linda Ross

Recently I watched the segment, “Is positive thinking the key to recovery?” on CBS Sunday Morning.  The program highlighted the chasm between those who had reversed a negative medical prognosis with positive thinking, alternative therapies, and prayer and those who believe drug based treatment is the only way to achieve health.  There was quite a lot to consider, with each side offering personal experiences as the reason for their convictions.  Most find first-person examples intriguing and would like to know just how some patients have conquered a previously unconquerable illness.

New York Giants rookie Mark Herzlich began the program, recounting how his physician after diagnosing cancer told him in college he would never play football again, nor be able to run again.  Yet today he is playing football professionally.  One doctor thought it was terrific that some find healing outside of traditional drug therapy, but asked what about those who try and don’t?  The good news reported here is that there are a growing number of people discovering a wholeness not thought possible.  Their search for health took them down a road not previously traveled – one outside the path of medical science.  My field is not positive thinking but I do know that turning to a fixed eternal Principle that some may call God has wonderful healing benefits.

Linda Ross is a Christian Science Practitioner living in Connecticut.


One response to “A New Road to Health

  1. Colette & jeff Read

    This article specially interested us and the example the ball player reinforced our own thinking on the subject.

    Thank you for your wonderful articles.
    Colette & Jeff Read

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