Evangelism and Environmentalism

A Huffington Post column by Creedible Blogger Chuck Redfern

I face a question and a challenge as I grope my way into activism. The question: What do I do when the river that swept me into the life of Christ now empties into a toxic swamp? The very word, “evangelical,” which once conjured images of joyful Jesus Freaks, conveys political intimidation. It’s as if Ayn Rand’s spirit descended and screeched on Pentecost: “Be selfish and shrill!” But then comes the challenge: Why am I so late? Why did I hide behind the term, “peacemaker,” and avoid the loving confrontation so necessary for true shalom? Why did I wait until I was personally hurt?

The challenge humbles me as I offer this confessional testimonial: I’m joining the growing movement to bring evangelicals back to their true heritage, which includes compassion for the poor and environmental care — and I’m adding my personal caveat: “Don’t be like me. Don’t wait. Act now.”

I became a “born again” Christian in the summer of 1973 just before turning 17. My heroes included Republican Senator Mark Hatfield of Oregon and Democratic Senator Harold Hughes of Iowa. Both were liberal. Both were pro-life. Almost all my friends saw that politics dwells in the gray area of a necessarily secular society. We could agree to disagree between Bible studies.

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