A Simple Act of Gratitude

Contributed from the Connecticut Conference United Church of Christ

Elizabeth Healy - CT UCC Photo

I consider myself a relatively grateful person. I try to give thanks for the blessings in my life and not to spend too much time obsessing about the things I want that have eluded me. So when Pastor Cindy Maddox asked members of King Street United Church of Christ to keep a daily Gratitude Journal during Lent to remember where our blessings came from, I figured, “Eh, I really don’t need to do that.”

Then I thought it over. After all, Pastor Cindy usually has a good reason for asking us to do things. If she wanted us to make a commitment to gratitude, why not? Plus, she said we could do our daily journal entries on Facebook if we wanted. Piece of cake, I thought.

And so it began: 40-plus days of entries about the things that make me grateful. The only instruction was to be specific and not just say something like, “I’m grateful for air.”

Read full post here.


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