Unsought Blessings

By Blogger Linda Ross



Having lunch with a friend the other day, I shared my bewilderment, “There’sbeen a pattern in my life of unforeseen events that though I tried to side-step them, actually turned out well.”  She was quiet for a moment, then with a smile said, “You might call them unsought blessings.”  I thought of her remark yesterday when I first heard of Dr. Jeff Levin.  His biography mentions that he is both a biomedical scientist and religious scholar. Dr. Levin’s current work is focused on four areas:  (a) the influence of religion on population health and aging, (b) theories of healing and the work of healers, (c) the intersection of Judaism and health, and (d) the role of faith-based resources in public health and healthcare policy.

In his book, God, Faith, and Health he writes (pg 22):

“What may come as a surprise to many people – medical professionals and laypeople alike – is that considerable scientific evidence now shows that the influence of religious affiliation and commitment also extends to an unexpected area of human life: health.”

When the events occurred that I mentioned to my friend, I did pray from their onset. Often from experience I have learned that prayer can be an effective help in every area of life.  And now it’s heartening to hear that many are finding through their faith the unsought blessings of health as well.

Linda Ross is a Christian Science Practitioner living in Connecticut.


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