Creedible’s sister site in Washington

I’ve been working as hard as I can in Spokane trying to make my new site as successful as Creedible’s been. Thank you all for continuing to support Creedible while it’s in this transition. I promise the re-designed site will knock your socks off when it launches next year. (We’re looking for an editor still, by the way).

I wanted to show you what I’ve been up to in Washington, as it’s what you can expect with the new Creedible. The Spokane site, which for now we’re calling Religion News Spokane, launches in January. So for now we have a blog up (like this) that’s serving as our Construction Diary. Here we’re introducing our bloggers, giving site updates, posting local news items, etc. Check it out here (please and thank you)!

We’re also on Facebook here, and Twitter here, and Foursquare here. I hope you’ll follow us or “like” us on these sites. Even though I’m across the country now, I think what we’re writing about in Spokane could be of interest to Connecticut folks as well! I miss your comments and feedback.

You can also support this project (more info on the project here) by checking out our Wilmington site!

– Tracy


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