CT@Prayer: Some Changes

If you visit Creedible regularly, then you’ve probably noticed that the site’s a bit different than it was four months ago.  That’s because the site’s in a transitional phase right now.

In August I was hired by Religion News LLC to launch Religion News Spokane, a site similar to Creedible. So, I live in Spokane now and am trying to do exactly what I did with Creedible – make it a dependable online source for religion news in this area. That means I’m not in Connecticut to cover all the religious happenings there. But Creedible is still live, and its wonderful bloggers have taken it over while we wait for the site to be redesigned and while we search for a new editor. Soon Creedible will be part of Religion News LLC and will be far better than it’s ever been.

So, on that note, I won’t be continuing my CT@Prayer on a regular basis anymore. However, I will post on occasion to point you to significant things that may be going on.

I’ve enjoyed the digital conversations we’ve had,



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