Urging the repeal of CT’s death penalty

STAMFORD —  Juan Roberto Meléndez-Colón, who spent 17 years on Florida’s death row before being exonerated, and Catherine Ednie of Stamford whose brother was murdered in 1995, will be sharing their tragic stories and calling for repeal of Connecticut’s death penalty this Sunday in Stamford.

Ednie, whose brother David Froehlich and four of his friends were murdered in Georgetown, will be representing a group of more than 100 murder victim family members in Connecticut who are opposed to capital punishment.

“My experience with the prosecution of my brother’s killer and my observance of our state’s use of the death penalty has led me to the conclusion that Connecticut’s death penalty divides and harms surviving family members,” Ednie said. “The death penalty here divides victims by attempting to reserve it for the ‘most heinous’ crimes, but every family who loses a loved one to murder sees their crime as the most heinous.”

Meléndez-Colón is among the 138 death row inmates in the U.S. to be exonerated based on innocence since 1973. He was convicted and sentenced in 1984 even though there was no physical evidence of any kind. After 16 long years, a transcript was found of the taped confession of the real killer. It was later determined that the prosecutor had withheld evidence.

“We must get rid of the death penalty because no matter how hard you try to fix the law, it is a human law, it is made and administered by humans and humans make mistakes,” Meléndez-Colón said. “Sooner or later a mistake will be made and an innocent person will be executed in Connecticut.”

When: Sunday, October 30th, 1:00pm 

Where: Faith Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church

              29 Grove Street, Stamford 

Contact: Ben Jones, CNADP Executive Director

               860-231-1489      ben.jones@cnadp.org



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