CT@Prayer: Americans don’t know Romney is Mormon

I thought it was common knowledge that Mitt Romney was a Mormon. The media’s been all over it. He’s put Mormonism in the spotlight, just like Sarah Palin put Evangelicals in the spotlight in the last presidential election.

However, according to a recently survey by the Public Religion Research Institute, only 42 percent of Americans can correctly identify Mitt Romney’s religion as Mormon. That means four in 10 Americans can’t.

I shouldn’t be surprised at this news, since almost 20 percent of Americans still think our president is Muslim.

Surprised or not, though, one can’t help but wonder what this says about our society. Is it a reflection of our ignorance? Or perhaps it shows our lack of interest? Laziness? All of the above?

I’m curious, readers, what are your thoughts are on this?

Tracy Simmons is the founder of Creedible.com, which is an online magazine that covers religion news in Connecticut. 


One response to “CT@Prayer: Americans don’t know Romney is Mormon

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if a large proportion of Americans don’t even know who Romney is. Ignorance is cool, because in a large portion of America admitting to having something to learn is considered a sign of weakness.

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