Healthy thinking/healthy living in a digital age

By Blogger Linda Ross

The results of a recent survey from the Pew Research Center – 80 percent of Internet users gather health information online, researchers call this peer-to-peer health care – gave my colleague Russ Gerber pause for thought. He shared these with the Huffington Post, which was also picked up online by the Wall Street Journal. I thought you may appreciate having a few notes from his column:

“In the interest of healthy living in a digital age, it makes sense before launching the browser or checking email that we first check our intuition and be aware of what it’s conveying. We can’t afford to be online and on auto-pilot. Some would call that being hypnotized. We need to be alert, discerning thinkers when it comes to managing our way in the digital world.

Practicing discernment should be taken seriously, because the quality of life depends on the quality of consciousness. Filling our minds with information that causes us to worry, to dread worst-case scenarios, to feel helpless or even angry works against health. On the other hand, thoughts that produce peace, inspiration and compassion have an uplifting, positive effect on us. They can promote and even help restore health and are a fairly common experience to those who regularly pray and who believe there’s a spiritual source of health and happiness.

Advances in technology are making peer-to-peer health care the new normal…When this is coupled with advancement in our ability to discern the difference between truly healthy information and unhealthy information — welcoming the one and filtering out the other — we will not only think better but be healthier.”

Find the full column here.

Linda Ross is a Christian Science Practitioner living in Connecticut


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