Three faiths: What Judaism, Christianity and Islam Share

The Westport Faith Club, a group founded after being inspired by the book The Faith Club, took a field trip last Sunday.  Our (I am a member) destination – The New York Public Library’s exhibit, Three Faiths.  As we include Jewish, Christian, and Muslim women, the docent tour was something we relished.  From the Library’s description: “Three Faiths includes 200 rare and precious works created over the past 1,500 years…Jews, Christians, and Muslims all possess a book that they regard as the Word of God. That Word — and the way it has been written, copied, and illustrated over the centuries — is the basis of Three Faiths.”

What I particularly loved was how the exhibit brought out some of the commonalities these religions share.  To begin with all trace their ancestry back to Abraham, ‘an intinerant herdsman who lived some 3,700 years ago in the Middle East and embraced and promulgated his belief in a single deity.’ Due to the nature of the subject, I’m sure everyone had favorites that spoke to their hearts.  We did go on the last day, but the good news is that much of the informative material is available online.

Read full post here.


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