Remembering Rev. Gomes

Religion headlines flood my mailbox all day long.  I tweet them and move on. But on Monday my heart sunk when I saw this one,  “Peter J. Gomes dies at 68.”

He captured my attention in 2008 with his brilliant commentary in “For the Bible Tells Me So,” and I’ve been fascinated with him ever since. He was Harvard’s spiritual leader, he was a Baptist preacher, a Republican (until 2006 when he switched parties to vote for Deval Patrick, the first black governor of Massachusetts), and he was gay.

What’s not to be captivated by? It’s not everyday you come across a black, gay Baptist preacher, especially one who is brave enough to speak so boldly against intolerance. He captured my attention even further a few years ago when he came to Hartford as part of the Connecticut Forum.

Read fulll post here.


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