Group to gather at capital to oppose death penalty

Flickr photo By upturnedface

HARTFORD — On Monday at 11:30 am abolition supporters from across Connecticut will converge on the legislative office building in Hartford for a public hearing before the Judiciary Committee of the General Assembly to voice their support for repealing the death penalty.

“In addition to the more than dozen people who will be testifying for repeal, we anticipate a large pro-repeal contingent at the hearing to show legislators that the people of Connecticut are ready to end the death penalty now,” said Ben Jones, executive director of the CT Network to Abolish the Death Penalty.

Those testifying in favor of repeal will include renowned attorney Barry Scheck (New York Innocence Project), members of law enforcement, the families of murder victims, religious leaders and many others.

In 2009, Connecticut came very close to abolishing the death penalty when the General Assembly passed a repeal bill by wide margins in both the house and senate. Then-Governor M. Jodi Rell vetoed the bill.

“The 2011 legislative session represents the best opportunity ever for Connecticut to repeal the death penalty,” Jones said. “With a new governor who opposes the death penalty, we are optimistic that Connecticut will soon have a criminal justice system without executions.”

The hearing will be in the Legislative Office Building in Room 2C, 300 Capital Ave. in Hartford.




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