Love Now works to support missions in Nigeria

WATERBURY — Love Now will kick off its first fundraising initiative to raise funds for Agape Evangelistic Missions in Jos, Nigeria.

Love Now is a newly launched faith-based ministry derived from the  adage found in James 2:15-16, which states: "Suppose a brother or a sister is without clothes and daily food. If one of you says to them, "Go in peace; keep warm and well fed," but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it?" From Africa, India, China and the U.S., Love Now’s sole mission is to bridge the gap between both the spiritual and natural needs of people all around the world to aid them where they are at during their time of need.

Love Now’s first mission is to invest in Agape Ministries’ needs through prayer, and numerous creative fundraising initiatives; to raise funds for a clean running water resource, stable electricity, clothes/food, building reconstruction, and technological advancements, among other needs. Love Now’s very first fundraiser/fellowship will kick off on Saturday at 5 p.m. at Temple of Praise located on 159 Manor Ave. in Waterbury. All of the proceeds will go towards Agape Missions and their sister villages. Guests can enjoy an evening filled with live music, intercessory prayer, and spiritual and natural food with special guests: Pastor/Prophet Tibbary Burkett of Greater New Beginnings Church, Gospel Sensations, Terri Small; Deon Mose; Georgia Davis; Cherelle McMillan; Eboyne’ Jackson; Karla Ward of Wardworthy Productions; Elder Daniel and First Lady Wade; Pastor Lubin and Rev. Joanne Beaucejour; and Bishop Tyrone and Pastor Dorothy Bridges; among others.

Agape Missions recruits individuals from all walks of life and assorted ages, and trains them through character building and life transformational programs. The sole objective of their mission is to send trained missionaries under the banner of the cross, to spread the gospel to some of the darkest, innermost places of the earth. Agape also serves as a school grounds/safe haven and boarding house for missionary children, (whom are often times, easy targets by their peers because of their parent’s servitude on the mission field,) and educates them on spiritual living, and academics through Messiah College and Emmanuel Academy (High schools). In addition, the mission has an orphanage facility that caters for the needs of destitute children without parents.

During a recent trip to Nigeria, Waterbury native and Love Now Founder, Eboyne’ Jackson, 27, was so greatly inspired by Agape Mission founders, Rev. Bayo and Naomi Famonoure’s devotion to enrich the lives of others through their ministry, despite the lack thereof, that she was compelled to action. "It was such an honorable experience to visit Agape Missions and witness the ministries’ success in changing the lives of the students and cultivating them to be future leaders in the gospel," Jackson expressed. "I was so touched by their tenacity to train others to spread the gospel despite limited finances and resources," Jackson revealed. "The orphans I saw left an indelible mark on my heart (and some tears in my eyes). They looked like they could do with some help. I knew that I wanted to help invest in the ministry and the sister villages they foster, but I knew that I couldn’t do it alone."

Donations can be made out to, Temple of Praise/Love Now, P.O. Box 2111, Waterbury, CT 06722. Or, to Agape Missions, P.O. Box 80, Barkin Ladi, Plateau State, Nigeria.


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