The religion beat soars from the pitiable to the pathetic in a single bound

Sarah Pulliam Bailey gives us the good news and the bad after plowing through a recent Pew Research Center Study. The surprisingly good: Mainstream media religion coverage doubled from 2009 to 2010.  The predictably bad: it was a leap from one to two percent of all the news deemed fit to print and broadcast.

Wow.  Like, scrape me off the ceiling and everything.

So lemme get this straight: Everyone knows religion plays key roles in our elections and in the various issues chasing people to the voting booths.  Think abortion.  Think school prayer.  Think “traditional family values.”  Think feeding the poor and creation care and parenting and morality and whether-Mitt-Romney-is-a-Mormon and just about everything under the sun – including those four yachters killed by Somali pirates.  They were distributing Bibles.

Read full post here.


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