Creedible featured on local radio

Tobin Hitt hosts The Preaching Hour/ContributedSOUTHINGTON — Today Tobin Hitt, a pentecostal preacher from Cheshire, featured on The Preaching Hour, a weekly program on Radio Cantico Nuevo (1430 a.m.).

If you missed the 30-minute show, you can listen to it here.

Brother Hitt and I go way back, and I honored to be on his program. I first met him when I was a student at Eastern New Mexico University. He was a Catholic priest at the time, and he played on a local, informal Mexican soccer league. The league was kind enough to let me play with them.

Hitt and I lost touch after I graduated, but we were reunited a few months ago thanks to Google. Turns out he was from Connecticut and was moving back here. We met over coffee, where I learned that Hitt left the Catholic church and joined the Pentecostal movement.

Read full post here.


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