Watch Out. The Impossible Could Be Possible

Creative Commons Photo

Hear the imperative once more: Smile boldly.  Cuddle up.  Nuzzle and snuggle in a bear-hug frenzy of interfaith empathy and love.  Let’s be so cotton-candy sweet that we spread acne and cavities.  We’re declaring to the Muslim world: “We’re here for you.  Service is our middle name.  Mi casa tu casa …”

The reason: that background rumble you hear may be the prelude to the next big crack, when another Middle Eastern crevice opens and relative religious freedom arrives.  It might be imminent.  Perhaps.  Maybe.  Possibly.  We don’t know – but Christians, especially evangelicals, can help the precarious process by foiling radical Islamist propaganda.  We’ll respect Muslims even while we articulate our disagreements (let’s not patronize by claiming no differences):  Welcome to our neighborhoods.  Move in next door.  We’ll push through the paper-work so you can build your mosques.  We’ll even call the bookstores and make sure they’re stocked with Qur’ans.

Michael Horton heard the rumble in a recent conference call with Egyptian Protestant Christian leaders, who lead about 1200 churches with roughly a million members. 

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