The First Relationship

Creative Commons Photo

It became an evening I’ll always remember.  I was at a business dinner seated next to an acquaintance I had always admired.  Neither of our spouses had been included.  He asked about my recent marriage.  I explained how unexpected my husband’s proposal was (we had been good friends) after being single nine years. Given that my life paradigm included a vow to never marry again, I initially said no.

Then we very thoughtfully considered our reasons for marriage.  We shared common life goals, had a wonderful friendship, and both have a love of the Bible as well as an ongoing study of it.  Our marriage has been filled with humor and consideration for each other.  Through some tough patches, it has spurred us both to become better individuals.  My dinner partner sighed deeply and said, “Yes, that’s the way it is with marriage.  First you pray to it and then you have to pray all the way through it.”

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