Finding redemption in Egypt

I am not Egyptian. But like hundreds of millions of others, I watch in awe as the struggling masses of Egypt light our imaginations and hopes on fire. This swell of humanity, beaten and brutalized but not discouraged, has raised the possibility and hope of a new era for the Muslim world.

When I speak at various venues about Islam and Muslims, I am often posed the question about “Muslim rage”. Where does it come from, why such discontent, why can’t Muslims get it together and pull themselves out of poverty and oppression? When I explain that the unrest in the Muslim world comes largely from devastating socio-economic conditions, political and creative suppression, post-colonial inequity, brutal puppet regimes supported by Western powers, lack of opportunity, and lack of support from the international community I am inevitably thrown this question: well then, why don’t they just rise up and overthrow their governments?

So here we are; for over two weeks Egyptians have been trying to do just that.   As the nation who promotes democracy harder than any other, even if it takes invading other countries to get it, the United States should have been the first and strongest supporter of this revolution. But our response was lukewarm, hypocritical, and embarrassing.

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