Band promotes ethical living through music, recipes


SIMSBURY – Connecticut gypsie reggae band, HannaH’s Field, is sending good pulsations into the world with their third album, Music Magic Medicine.

The record is coupled with a vegetarian, gluten-free cookbook, which features 14 ethical eating recipes.

“We’ve been searching for a long time for a way to bring food and music together, because that is everything we’re about basically,” said HannaH, the band’s vocalist.

HannaH’s Field is a husband-wife duo from Simsbury. HannaH has performed in rock bands across Connecticut and Oregon and has been nominated as best female vocalist in the Hartford Advocate multiple times.

Music Producer John Bolduc described HannaH as, “The little girl that sings big; with a blues man’s warmth, a bad girl’s passion, and Buddha’s enlightenment.”

HannaH’s husband Andy, the group’s percussionist, is a trained pastry chef and a nutritional healer. The Hartford Courant described his food as “flavors ready to dance the night away.”

The couple formed the band four years ago and perfected their Earth beats sound while living in Oregon. They returned to Connecticut two years ago and have been busy performing across the state.

Music Magic Medicine is available online until the album is officially released in the spring. The 15-track CD is for anyone who wants to be uplifted “spiritually, mentally and physically,” HannaH said.

“Everything you take into your body food-wise creates who you are,” HannaH said. “When you eat meat, you carry the vibration of the animals being slaughtered. It’s the same with the music you listen to, the movies you see, the readings you’re taking in. We wanted to create a good, all-around for philosophy for people.”

Some of the songs on the album are coupled with recipes. Monkey Song, for instance, is paired with Chef Andy’s banana ice cream recipe. Recipes, which are mostly vegan, also include sunflower seed cookies, wheat free pizza, hummus and HannaH’s favorite, Coconut Squash Soup.

“We feel like (this album) isn’t just music, it’s almost a roadmap for living,” she said.

HannaH’s Field will be at Passiflora Tea in New Hartford on Feb. 20. For tour dates visit here.

Music Magic Medicineis available for $14 here.

Listen to a sample of HannaH's Field here.

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