Word traps, verbal snares, and blog traffic

He’s there.  I’m convinced of it.  There’s a three-inch tall, invisible man perched on my shoulder.  He twists, bends, and breaks definitions while whispering in my ear, paralyzing me because I’m checking, re-checking, and re-re-checking my motives.  And he poses as my counselor.  He’s on my side.  He’s looking out for me.  He wants me to be a better Christian.

He revved up rapid-fire whispers when I read Lauren Holgate’s Ladasi blog of January 17. 

Lauren Holgate

She lists a host of web sites she’s joined since she became a dedicated blogger in August.  There’s Business2Blogger, Seededbuzz, Blog Synergy, Book Blogs, and Pinterest.  Her traffic has flowed and she kindly shared her knowledge so we’d all become popular.  I began signing up …

Read full post here.


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