Creedible to be “On the Horn” talking Haiti

Haiti flags in Port-au-Prince/Tracy Simmons - CreedibleSOUTHINGTON — I don't want to forget Haiti. Too many of us already have.

When I traveled there in February with the Good Samaritain Rebuilding Fund I came home on a spiritual high. I was floored by the conditions I saw there, and I was moved by the resilient people I had met. I didn't want to just go back to my old ways, taking what I had for granted and complaining about the small things. But, of course, a few months later I found myself losing that spiritual high.

So, I went back.  I spent time at Ecole Le Bon Samaritain in Carrefour in December, and this time I refuse to lose that high. I surround myself with memories from Haiti – photos, art, bumperstickers, and even a Haiti bandanna. And this time, sorry friends, but I refuse to let you forget about Haiti too.

Read full post here.


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