Honor Dr. King By ‘Having a Martin Luther King Moment’

Children of the Sun World Drum/Percussion and Music Ensemble of Greater New Haven performs in Hartford/Tracy Simmons - CreedibleHARTFORD — With the recent Tucson bloodshed fresh on their hearts, and the reality of Connecticut’s economic struggles on their minds, Nutmeggers gathered at the state Capitol Monday to remember Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s message of peace and parity.

More photos here and here.

At the 25th annual celebration, sponsored by the Connecticut Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Commission, Chairman Dennis James King encouraged the crowd to keep the dream alive.

“We must continue to be a catalyst for change, not just for you and me, but for generations of mankind to come,” he said. “We must make his dream. We must not forget to act.”

U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy said that although American’s have a heavy heart because of the Arizona shooting, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would view the event with buoyancy.

Read full story here.


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