Pitch this

I could have been doing something constructive – like finally writing the sermon that’ll grip the hearts of millions, catalyze spiritual renewal, bring peace and harmony, and solve all the world’s problems in one fell swoop.  But hey, it was Saturday evening – and Saturday evening is Saturday evening and this particular Saturday evening was New Year’s Day.  Nuts to the world-saving sermon.  I wanted some tube time, so I flipped on the idiot box and watched “V,” which stands for “Visitors.”  I had never watched it before.

One thought echoed as I viewed the evening’s calamity and mayhem: “How did the show’s original creators pitch this thing?”  My inquiring mind wants to know – which is why I’m requesting comments on this blog.  Really.  Tell me.  I beg of you.

The thick plot

How do you convince network producers to throw millions of dollars into a show that features alien lizards disguised as humans suddenly appearing in a ship over the city and assuring the world’s populace that they mean no harm?  And the world’s populace responds by saying: “Oh.  Well.  No worries then.  We’ll do our chores while your larger-than-aircraft-carrier vessel ominously defies gravity above our sky scrapers”?  Only a tiny fraction of the gullible populace doubts the motives of these seemingly benevolent aliens – who, after all, cure some diseases – and forms a “fifth column,” headed up by FBI counter-terrorism expert Erica Evans, played by the gorgeous Elizabeth Mitchel, who died on Lost to get this part.

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