Worshiping at the UMC of Danbury

Rev. Karen Karpow leads service in Danbury/Tracy Simmons - CreedibleDANBURY — Each year Methodists renew their covenant with God by participating in a sacred, 256-year-old service written by John Wesley himself (the founder of the Methodist faith).

On Sunday I had the opportunity to experience this service at The Danbury United Methodist Church. I was early to church, so as I thumbed through the bulletin, I began to ponder the word 'covenant.' It's not a word we use much anymore, unless we're referring to a story from the Old Testament. The word is so much more powerful than 'agreement' or 'contract', which perhaps why we reserve the term for holy moments such as Wesley's Covenant Service.  It's a good thing I didn't have a dictionary with me, because I probably would have began studying the word and would have been sidetracked the entire service.

Fortunately, as my mind began to obsess on this word and wander away, Rev. Karen Karpow came to greet me. She has red hair and glasses, like myself, and always has a smile on her face. Danbury is a lucky community because the city has some really great clergy. Rev. Karpow is one of my favorite Connecticut pastors, and in the same city are two other great ministers – Rev. Joseph Krasinski from St. James' Episcopal, and Rev. Laura Westby from First Congregational. It's a good thing I don't live in Danbury, because I would definitely be torn about which of these three churches to call home.

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