Creedible's best stories of 2010

Religion's been a hot topic in Connecticut this year. We've been theologically challenged by the earthquake in Haiti, we've watched new leadership take charge of the Episcopal Diocese, we've met a Brookfield Mystic who taught us that all religions are sacred.

Here are some of our top stories from 2010:

Caring for Carrefour

A nurse volunteers with the Good Samaritain Rebuilding Fund/Rebecca Newman - CreedibleIn February, Creedible traveled with the Good Samaritain Rebuilding Fund to Carrefour to report on Ecole Le Bon Samaritain. EBS is an elementary school outside of Port-au-Prince that is operated by the Millien family in Greenwich. There, we met some amazing people and heard their incredible stories.

See Carrefour stories here.








Tutu challenges Douglas to embrace all people

IDesmond Tutu speaks in Hartford/Tracy Simmons - Creediblen April, Archbishop Desmond Tutu came to Hartford to speak at the consecration of Bishop Ian T. Douglas. Douglas is the new bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut. Tutu encouraged him to reach out to all people, regardless of their race, gender, sexual preference, social status, etc.

Read full story here.




Dalai Lama spreads message of religious unity

The Dalai Lama vists NYC/Tracy Simmons - CreedibleOK, so this didn't happen in Connecticut, but close enough. In May the Dalai Lama came to New York City to talk about religious unity. It's a message that applies to Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike.

Read full story here.




Don’t Brainwash Our Kids

Graduations a no-go at this Bloomfield church/ContributedBlogger Chuck Redfern tackled the Bloomfield graduation story by writing a sarcastic letter to the school board. "We’re more than a little worried about next year’s scheduled field trip to Europe and how the region’s sinister religious art might brainwash our gullible youngsters," he writes. He's funny and makes his point very clear.

Read full story here.





Keeping the Faith

Georgia Davis sings at Creedible's anniversary celebration/Rebecca Newman - CreedibleIn August, Creedible celebrated its first anniversary with live music and good snacks. It wasn't the biggest turnout this year, but wait until next year! Our second birthday is going to be on Ghandi's birthday and will be an interfaith musical event. You'll have to keep checking the site to find out more.

Read full story here.




On 9/11 anniversary, group sings prayers for peace, unity

Wendy Hilsen-Bernard sings in Torrington/Rebecca Newman - CreedibleIn September we recognized the anniversary of 9/11 by meeting a Mystic and learning about sacred chants. You can watch a video of the event here.

Read full story here.





Mormon temple to be erected in Hartford area

In November we learned that a Mormon temple will be erected in the Hartford area very soon. It's an exciting story that we'll continue to follow.

Read full story here.

A letter to my daughters

Rabia Chaudry blogs for Creedible/ContributedThis year we also added a Muslim blogger to our team! Creedible is dedicated to reporting on all faiths, so adding Rabia Chaudry to our blogging staff is definitely a step in the right direction. Her blog, "A Letter to my Daughters" gives a moving look at what it's like to be Muslim in America.

Read full story here.






School must go on

A student at Ecole Le Bon Samaritain attends classes in Haiti/Tracy Simmons - CreedibleWe ended the year strong by going back to Haiti 11 months after the earthquake. The elementary school we reported on in February shows that really is hope for Haiti.

Read full story here.






Stay with us as we enter into 2011, it's sure to bring many more important faith stories our way.

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