Do we see curses as blessings and blessings as curses?

Wilt in the desert while strolling through a meadow; feel drought in the lake; bear tedium while riding the wild surf.  NASCAR is snail-paced.  The ocean is too wet and there’s lint in my mansion and I can’t dig a ditch because gold clogs the ground …

It happens.  We sign covenants with disillusionment, blinding ourselves to eventual blessings and mocking them when the blinders fall.  We cuddle ourselves into the curse of unanswered prayer and cling to it when our wishes are finally granted.  One example: Zechariah, a priest and father of John the Baptist, the sympathetic figure of whom we read every Christmas season in Luke 1:5-25.

The text challenges me: Am I like him?  If so, how can I change?

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