Creedible to be reporting from Haiti

Ten months ago I traveled to Carrefour, Haiti to report on Ecole Le Bon Samaritain, an elementary school operated by the Millien family from Greenwich. For the next four days I’ll be there again, working on a follow-up story.

The school was founded in 1997 by Rev. Jean Ellie Millien and his wife, Mona – both Haitian Americans. Jean Ellie is a retired Episcopal priest from Stamford. They now live in Greenwich, though they travel to Haiti regularly. Through the school the Milliens have been able to provide a K-5 education and a hot meal along with basic health care and hygiene to children in Waney, a community in Carrefour,  where most children are at risk. It’s important to note that in Haiti school is not public, and only 50 percent of children are able to enroll in school.

Ecole Le Bon Samaritain did not collapse during the earthquake, but the first level was severely damaged and the second level was being held up by broken columns. Since the quake, the school has been knocked down and is being re-built. The students have been attending classes in a tent. The school had 180 students, but immediately after the earthquake they only knew the whereabouts of 25 of those students. They were also missing several teachers.

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