Mary Baker Eddy, Still Making a Difference

ContributedToday, Dec. 3, marks the 100th anniversary of the passing of the discoverer of Christian Science and founder of the First Church of Christ, Scientist, Mary  Baker Eddy.  She is also known for starting the Christian Science Monitor in 1908 as a remedy for the “yellow journalism” that dominated news coverage.  Noted for healing through prayer alone as Christ Jesus did, her name and life frequented the media of her time.  Her continued recognition today includes The Atlantic Monthly naming her in its list of The Top 100 Influential Figures in American History.  They summarize her qualification the following way: “She got off her sickbed and founded Christian Science which promised spiritual healing to all.”  A colleague of mine noted that Eddy successfully road-tested and articulated a God-centered system of healing that has many striking facets – from empowering major physical healings when needed to affording the “miracle” of reducing day to day stress.

How did Eddy pray with such a consistent, transformative effect?  Well she wrote a book to explain what she called divinely natural.  And interestingly, the last hundred pages of this book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, are thank-you notes from those who experienced a broad array of healing by simply reading it and finding a new understanding of God, a closer relationship with Him/Her.

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