Help us buy a water purification system for Haitian school

Haiti needs our help. They need food, money, clothing, school supplies, medicine and gobs of other everyday things that we take for granted. Perhaps what they need most, though, is water.

On Dec. 13 I’m going back to Haiti to report on Ecole Le Bon Samaritain, an elementary school that was severely damaged in the Jan. 12 earthquake. The family that runs the school lives in Greenwich. When I go back, I want to bring more than just a notepad and camera. I want to bring a water purification system.

To date, more than 700 people in Haiti have died from cholera, which is a disease transmitted by contaminated food and water. The UN has warned that 400,000 people could be infected by the disease in the next six months. According to NBC, cholera is a severe diarrheal illness transmitted through fecal contamination that is especially dangerous among children and the elderly. Those infected can become too quickly dehydrated, go into shock, and die within hours.

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