Church stands against bullying

ContributedDANBURY — Bullying happens when a person or group repeatedly and intentionally hurts or scares another person, and the person being bullied has a hard time defending himself or herself. The consequences can be drastic, as recent headlines have shown. In Danbury, King Street United Church of Christ has set out to raise awareness in a very personal way: by inviting everyone to consider a walk “in our shoes.”

“In Our Shoes” asks teens who feel that they’ve been bullied to contribute a pair of shoes to a traveling display. Inspired by the Memorial Quilt which makes visible the scourge of AIDS and the Clotheline Project raising awareness of domestic violence, this new display will show the reach of bullying. With shoes large and small, decorated according to the donors’ inspiration, organizers hope to open hearts and minds and reduce the frequency and severity of bullying among young people.

“Our youth are totally excited about this project,” said King Street’s pastor, the Rev. Cindy Maddox. “We are starting it locally, but we are hoping it will spread across the state and even nationwide.”

Read full story here.


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