Hymnal unites multi-lingual parishes

Spanish—and English—speaking worship communities in the U.S. now have a way to celebrate their faith and culture side-by-side. One Faith, Una Voz is the only Catholic hymnal featuring bilingual songs alongside original language English and Spanish titles.
Developed by OCP, the hymnal offers a unique blend of over 800 beloved, multilingual songs designed to fit the needs of growing Latino-Anglo communities in the Catholic Church.

“The very nature of this hymnal speaks to the profound way a community comes together to pray—despite differences in language or origin,” said Pedro Rubalcava, director of Hispanic Ministries at OCP. “It provides a means for culturally diverse assemblies to unite in celebration of each others’ journey’s of faith through song.”

Greg Sendler, music director at St. John Neumann Catholic Church in Miami Fla. said “We looked at a lot of resources to fit our multi-cultural population. One Faith, Una Voz is a high-quality, accessible and inviting hymnal that recognizes the differences in cultures, but ultimately welcomes ALL to Mass.”

Rubalcava explained that multi-cultural English and Spanish speaking communities were looking for a way to honor their own traditions, while sharing in the common act of celebrating Mass. One Faith, Una Voz answers that need with Spanish and English songs in their native language in addition to popular bilingual music.

“Not all songs are meant to be translated—there are innate poetic qualities that can only be heard when the composition is sung in its original language,” says Rubalcava.

Features include song selections for traditional rites and celebrations like Quinceañeras, marriages and funerals as well as seasonal choices for times like Easter and Christmas. English and Spanish Order of Mass are conveniently displayed on the same page to encourage side-by-side worship.


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