Embracing Global Mission at Annual Meeting

ContributedMIDDLETOWN — Over 500 authorized ministers, delegates, and interested persons came together for two days at Middletown High School October 22-23 for the Fall Session of the Connecticut Conference Annual Meeting. The assembly articipants honored the two hundredth anniversary of the nation’s first overseas mission society, the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions; heard about contemporary overseas work; and considered the new directions for the Church’s mission in other nations.

Delegates also considered the business of the Conference. They voted two resolutions, one which directs leaders to explore becoming a Global Mission Conference over the coming year, and one which commends Sabbath and Sacred Time to a busy, complicated society. They chose to ratify changes to the United Church of Christ Constitution sent to the Conferences by General Synod 27, and voted budgets for 2011.

Keynote speaker Dr. Robert Orr, United Nations Assistant Secretary-General for Planning and Policy Coordination in the Executive Office of the Secretary-General, deeply impressed his hearers with his breadth of knowledge and passion for the welfare of the planet’s citizens (see related story). Noting the astonishing progress in reducing extreme poverty in the world in recent years, he dared to proclaim, “We are privileged to be able to say that the poor will not always have to be with us.” Successful strategies developed in implementing the UN’s Millenium Goals could lead to poverty’s elimination in the next 15 to 20 years.

Read full story here.


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