Remembering our time in Haiti

Luc Louisgene receives award at Haiti relief banquet/Tracy Simmons - CreedibleGREENWICH — I can never forget Haiti. I traveled there about eight months ago, five weeks after the earthquake, and the things I saw and the people I met still make an impression on me today. I remember the crazy things, like Rev. Jean Ellie Millien, a quiet and humble man, holding down the horn of his Toyota pickup as he went in the opposite lane to pass slow moving traffic. That turned out to be the norm in Haiti. I remember the roosters crowing at 4 a.m. everyday and the stray dogs howling as they ran up and down the streets at night.

These are the stories we laugh at now. I’m ready to go back to Haiti and I actually miss those noises. The quietness, sometimes, makes me sad because I know the friends I’ve made in Carrefour don’t have the luxury of silence.
At the volunteer thank you dinner, a slideshow played at the front of the room, showing images of each team’s time in Haiti. To see the clinic again, the neighborhood, brought us all back I think. But the best part of the evening was seeing the volunteers that made it all happen. Dozens of the volunteers I never met, but I felt connected to them somehow. Five official teams went to Haiti as part of the Good Samaritan Rebuilding Fund, and still several volunteers traveled down throughout the summer to help with the school (the school was badly damaged in the earthquake and has since been demolished).

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