Stamford pastor to run in Hartford marathon

Rev. James Wheeler runs in New Haven/ContributedSTAMFORD — On Saturday Rev. James D. Wheeler, of St. John’s Episcopal Church of Stamford, will be running in the Hartford Marathon to raise money for Haiti earthquake relief.

St. John’s has been working closely with Good Samaritan School and Clinic in L’Acul, Haiti since 2008 by providing lunches and scholarships for children who have no money for tuition, and by providing special help for children with disabilities. The church also paid for new latrines at the school.

Wheeler, who has been getting up at 4:30 a.m. to train for the event, is hoping that by running in the marathon people will make $25, $50 or $100 contributions, which will go toward the school.

“Your donation will help pay for school lunches for children who otherwise would study on an empty stomach and help pay for weekly doctor visits to the clinic and medicine. In the tumultuous year that has followed the devastating earthquake in Port-au-Prince many people have moved out of the city to live with relatives in the rural districts. The population in L’Acul has swelled, increasing the need for school scholarships and the demands on the clinic,” he said on the contribution website.

As of Oct. 7, he had raised $1,510.

To make a contribution, click here.


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